Tenant Tips & Guides

  1. Choose the right apartment for you!
    Ask yourself a few simple questions, for example:
    1. What is my budget?
    2. How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need?
    3. How many parking spaces do I need?
    4. What is my desired location, and do I need to use public transport?
    5. Do I need to accommodate pets?
    6. What facilitates do I want to be able to use in my building?

    Once you have decided what your looking for, the team at Finbar to Rent can help in finding your next home! At Finbar to Rent, we only manage Finbar apartments, stylish residences in premier locations, complete with resort style facilities.

  2. Cover your contents with an insurance policy
    It is your responsibility to ensure that your belongings are covered under insurance. Even in the event of a burst pipe, storm or electrical fault, the Landlord’s insurance policy will not cover your contents. Therefore, if you wish to have protection, you will need to arrange your own contents insurance. There are many products on the market today designed to provide contents protection for renters.

  3. Maintain your apartment and maximise your bond return
    By maintaining the apartment throughout your tenancy, you will give yourself the best opportunity to maximise the refund of your bond. You will find a handy routine inspection checklist here to help you along the way.

  4. Understand tenancy legislation in Western Australia
    Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act 1987, which is enforced by the Department of Mines, Industry and Regulation (DMIRS). The team at Finbar to Rent are experts in tenancy legislation, so feel free to ask your Property Manager if you have any questions. You can contact DMIRS by visiting www.commerce.wa.gov.au.

  5. Protect your tenancy history
    When processing rental applications, Property Managers in Western Australia will generally check your previous rental history, as well as obtain a rental history and credit check from the National Tenancy Database. To protect your rental history and give yourself the best chance of being approved for your new home, here are a few things to consider:

    1. Always pay your rent on time;
    2. Keep your home clean, maintained and report any maintenance to your Property Manager;
    3. Refer to your lease agreement and abide by the terms and conditions of your tenancy;
    4. Maintain a good credit score; and
    5. Work with your Property Manager to resolve any disputes respectfully and in accordance with the relevant legislation.